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July 29, 2007


Paul Anderson

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Billie Johnson

Please we need your help, our company claims that they have a non compete contract signed by us and they have closed our doors and our office, leaving us without a job the day before thanks giving, we have ask for a copy of said contract ,they claim that they have sent it to a lawyer and that we will need a lawyer to obtain it, we do not believe we ever signed such a paper and if we did it was certainly never explained to any of us, we are nurses and have patients in a retirement center who need us and we have such a wonderful relationship with these elderly people, and even though another nursing registry will be coming in and taking over our office the company that we work for says we cannot work for that other company , leaving us without a job period. We are devastated, and have no money for a lawyer, Nurses to go is the company who is being so uncaring and unprofessional and rotten to us. Please help us?

Joyce Johnson and
Jennifer Ferguson.


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I think this is a GREAT resource...! I think this would be an excellent resource for the WIB's and the WIA funded programs, also. Is it OK to pass this on to them?

Kathy Winget

My Husband and I sold our hearing aid offices (Bloomingdale and Lisle, Il.) April 27th 2006 with a 3 year no compete. My husband quit 9 months later and opened an office in Highland, In.
1and 1/2 years later (June 1st, 2008) we sold our Indiana office to them also and continued to work for them. After the first acquisition, we both worked for them and even though my husband quit them, I continued to work for them for 4 months more (Feb.2007 thru June 2007) until they fired me due to low sales numbers. I drew unemployment.
After we sold our Indiana office my Husband worked for them for 20% commission and I thought that I was part of the agreement. My Husband didn't feel that they lived up to their end of the bargain by not letting him do his own marketing so he could make more commission. My Husband has 16 years experience in the business and a BSBA Degree in Marketing and they hired a Vice-President from Sara Lee that knows zero about how to market hearing aids. When my Husband quit March 25, 2009, they asked me to stay on to continue to service new clients on trial deals, but they have never compensated me for my time or services from June 1, 2008 through May 5, 2009. They said that I was part of my Husband's deal, but they have no written contract pertaining to any such agreement. They are not about to let my husband go against their no-compete because he is a very good salesman, but the general manager and vice-president have made it clear verbally that I am free to work anywhere in the industry because they have insinuated that I am no threat.
My Husband wants to open a hearing aid business in my 19 year old's name and put my license in there to dispense hearing aids. Do you foresee any legal issues coming forth quickly? This is a very powerful Mormon group with the bank of Utah behind them and have aquired over 50 more offices nationwide. Do we have any chance at all?

Kathy Winget (630)4396491 [email protected]


Thank you for bringing a well thought out and reasoned comment to the discussion.

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I am 17 years old and for 3 consecutive summers I worked through an agency called Hanac Youth Services. My actual work place, though, was at a hospital. The Hanac agency was where I got paid from though. So how do I include them both on my resume, because I was never working AT Hanac, I worked at the hospital. This may sound confusing. If i see any confused answers, I'll try to add more.

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Well, it held that such a clause was simply a non-compete clause dressed up differently.

James Ferris

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Thus, it is likely that non-hire clauses that are designed to prevent any of the above three issues from occurring may still be enforceable. Hence, great post and thanks for sharing this with us.

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Thus, it is likely that non-hire clauses that are designed to prevent any of the above three issues from occurring may still be enforceable.

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take the right measures is the best way of action in this cases.

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