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July 29, 2007


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This is a very powerful Mormon group with the bank of Utah behind them and have aquired over 50 more offices nationwide. Do we have any chance at all?


California court is crazy $60k penality without any reason...

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Utah behind them and have aquired over 50 more offices nationwide. Do we have any chance at all?

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Let us face it. Sometimes, we are too busy that we can not find time anymore for some important things to do. We must not be too proud to ask help from anybody especially when our job and future is on the line. We can hire labourers from a prestigious agency and they will pick the right people for the job.



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I think they have a clause that requires a significant sentence did not take any of the employees of consulting firms.


Many people know that these non compete agreements are illegal. Instead, they even put in consulting contract with the ultimate customer.

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