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July 08, 2007


Paul Wilson

This a very good analysis of the recentr FLSA 13(b)(1) changes. But you forgot to mention the affect on drivers's helpers and loaders.


someone needs to step up for the truck driver that gets paid hourly,butdoes not get paid for overtime.

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At first we were lurking on the road, then impose taxes on imports from abroad and now on the sales in the country...and now changing laws. Something feels a bit strange. Let's focus on improving and promoting those trucks drivers and try to Support in finding technologies which keep the environment and planet!

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Well, the motor carrier exemption, commonly called the "truck driver exemption," was applied to field service engineers who provided computer hardware and software to customers engaged in the cable television business.


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Yes... it seems that the media is very biased to their own way of thinking and hasn't improved since you wrote this article.

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This law changes may be serious problem to truck drivers.

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I think that the new changes in the law are not so bad for the truck drivers, maybe at the beginning it will more difficult but if looking at the wide aspects for long time this is good law.


I got blind sided by my company, example I am hourly warehouse and relief driver and have a class A cdl. I can work in the warehouse 10 hrs a day all week then they have a short run (over 100 miles)on fri. and put in 8 hrs. on the road come back work the warehouse for two more hrs and because i made that run get knocked out of my overtime for the week, where as if I had stayed in the warehouse all week I would have gotten the overtime- how the hell can they manipulate labor laws this way ?

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Like in any other places, there are some time limits whne trucks are travelling especially the loaded ones.

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Tim Gipe

I work for Western Express in Alabama. I drive a yard truck that shuttles trailers to and from the International Paper plant across the street to be loaded and then back to our yard to be picked up by various carriers. I worked 12 hr days - 4days on, 4 days off. I punch a time clock when I arrive and when I leave and punch in and out for a 30 minute lunch. I believe I am entitled to overtime pay. Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks.

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